EIIDE became the highest awardee of the Abyssinian Industrial Award


EIIDE conducted Ten-month plan implementation and 2024/25 corporate plan review of central and western districts


EIIDE Reviewed it's Strategic Plan and other operating manuals


EIIDE is Reviewing it's Strategic Plan and other operating manuals


EIIDE participated in 'Ethiopia Tamrt' Expo


EIIDE participated in the 10th International Cooperatives Exhibition and Bazaar


Members of the Standing Committee on Trade and Industry of the House of peoples Representatives visited EIIDE


EIIDE conducted Six month Plan performance Evaluation


Sales Announcement


Announcement regarding the supply of premix needed to enrich cooking oil with vitamins


EIIDE evaluates its first quarter plan performance at Elilly Hotel




EIIDE donated 4.2 million birr sanitary pad


EIIDE offered 16.5 million liters of edible oil at a reasonable price


EIIDE conducted an evaluation of the of the 2022/23 fiscal year plan and the next year's plan of the enterprise


Members of the Management Board visited projects of EIIDE


Managers and Employees of EIIDE Conducted Green Legacy


EIIDE has launched a women's workers forum


ኢኢግልድ የ2015 በጀት ዓመት የስምንት ወራት ዕቅድ አፈጻጸም ግምገማ አካሄደ


ኢኢግልድ ለ33 የድርጅቱ ባለሙያዎች የጥራት ሥራ አመራር ሥርዓት ልማትና ትግበራ ስልጠና ሠጠ


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EIIDE became the highest awardee of the Abyssinian Industrial Award

The Abyssinian Industrial Award Organization awarded Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise (EIIDE) at the gold level in a recognition ceremony organized on July 22, 2024 at the Inter Luxury Hotel to reward industries, organizations and companies that have achieved high results in the industrial sector.

At the event, the guest of honor of the day, former President of the FDRE and the Governor of the Abyssinia Award Organization, Dr. Mulatu Teshome, presented the award. The award was received by the CEO of the EIIDE, Ms. Yeshimebet Negash.

At the award ceremony, the CEO of EIIDE was presented with a gold medal, a badge and a certificate for her strong leadership in making the organization successful. In addition, medals and certificates were given to 12 middle managers, branch heads and team leaders. In the award ceremony, 33 industries, organizations and companies, as well as their leaders and experts who have achieved, have been awarded.

EIIDE is a governmental development organization established to supply industrial inputs by purchasing from the local and international markets as well as to export industrial inputs which are in excess of the domestic industries consumptions and to work jointly with enterprises which are engaged in producing and supplying industrial inputs and raw materials.