EIIDE became the highest awardee of the Abyssinian Industries Award


EIIDE conducted Ten-month plan implementation and 2024/25 corporate plan review of central and western districts


EIIDE Reviewed it's Strategic Plan and other operating manuals


EIIDE is Reviewing it's Strategic Plan and other operating manuals


EIIDE participated in 'Ethiopia Tamrt' Expo


EIIDE participated in the 10th International Cooperatives Exhibition and Bazaar


Members of the Standing Committee on Trade and Industry of the House of peoples Representatives visited EIIDE


EIIDE conducted Six month Plan performance Evaluation


Sales Announcement


Announcement regarding the supply of premix needed to enrich cooking oil with vitamins


EIIDE evaluates its first quarter plan performance at Elilly Hotel




EIIDE donated 4.2 million birr sanitary pad


EIIDE offered 16.5 million liters of edible oil at a reasonable price


EIIDE conducted an evaluation of the of the 2022/23 fiscal year plan and the next year's plan of the enterprise


Members of the Management Board visited projects of EIIDE


Managers and Employees of EIIDE Conducted Green Legacy


EIIDE has launched a women's workers forum


ኢኢግልድ የ2015 በጀት ዓመት የስምንት ወራት ዕቅድ አፈጻጸም ግምገማ አካሄደ


ኢኢግልድ ለ33 የድርጅቱ ባለሙያዎች የጥራት ሥራ አመራር ሥርዓት ልማትና ትግበራ ስልጠና ሠጠ


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EIIDE conducted an evaluation of the of the 2022/23 fiscal year plan and the next year's plan of the enterprise

EIIDE has held its annual meeting in the capital for two consecutive days at Ghion Hotel. During the meeting, the CEO of the enterprise, Mrs. Yeshimebet Negash, said that despite various internal and external challenges, the implementation of the 2022/23 fiscal year plan of the Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise (EIIDE) has recorded good results and encouraging performance.

In addition, she pointed out that although the performance of the organization is encouraging, gaps that have been identified during the performance should be corrected and addressed in the next fiscal year plan, and work should be done with focus to achieve the intended results.

In the same forum,  the plan performance of sales under the central, eastern, western and southern districts of the 2022/23 fiscal year were presented by the heads of the districts, and the 2023/24 fiscal year plan were presented by the director of the strategic plan & change management.

During the two-day discussion, the efforts made by the districts (even though there are gaps) are encouraging. Although the attention given to customers is better than the previous years, and other important issues have been raised and shared understanding has been reached.

In addition to the discussion held at Ghion Hotel on the two days, Managers, district heads and experts were given an awareness briefing on the status of the project by the project manager on visiting the 18-floor head office building project which is under construction.