Management Team

Ato. Wondale HabtamuChief Executive Officer

Ato.Dejene G/mariyamDeputy, Chief Executive Officer Corporate Service Sector

Ato.Dejenu T/mariyamDeputy, Chief Executive officer Sales Sector
Ato Endashaw LegesseChief Industrial Supplies Procurement Officer and Acting Deputy, Chief Executive officer Procurment Sector
W/ro Alemnesh Worku Chief Strategic P/I/M/E Officer
Ato. Ayalew AyeleChief Corporate Finance Officer

Ato. Samuel MelakuChief Human Resource Management Officer
Ato Anteneh TakeleChief Legal Affairs Officer

W/ro Emebet Mulu MekonenChief Communication Officer
Ato. Mulugeta TadeleChief, Procurement, Property Administration & General Services Officer

Ato. Kefale BayiheChief Internal Audit Officer
Ato Dinberu YibeltalActing Chief Industrial Outputs Procurement Officer
Ato Gashaw DemisseActing, Chief Building Administration Logistic Officer
Esubalew Mekuriaw Chief Project Study Officer
G/Hiwot G/mariyamChief Change Management Officer
Ato. Tesema Derese HabteyesChief Industrial Products warehousing Distribution and Sales Officer
W/ro Meseret Worku AbayChief Market Research & Development Officer
Ato. Daniel Desalegn Chief Information Technology Officer
Ato Ager Mekuriaw Chife Branch Coordination Officer

Our Mission

To Alleviate the short supply of industrial inputs through the implementation of effective sustainable and efficient working systems to ensure the development of the country.

Our Vision

To be competitive and the best enterprise to supply industrial inputs with quality and quantity to the efficiency of the Manufacturing industries.