In fiscal year 2008, an integrated performance management system implementation and evaluation in order to sign the Ethiopian Industrial Development Organization Governing resources management group coordinators in the last two days of training and evaluation October 26-27 / 2008, the company tešet’e.yešilit’enewi primary purpose of the meeting hall, each Directorate subsections work outlined in the heads of employees with reasonable notice based on the results of correcting the shortcomings of the training found that the Company directory to revise the strong side, closer to Mr. Gemeda the world have expressed their opening remarks. He also said that the agency is accepting pursue the reform process for all employees, especially over medium and hard to move from commitment to petition the agency to make a strong, competitive Extending the effectiveness of renewing the approval of the society already required of each department to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

The federal government is to subcontract the management of the state owned Merchandise Wholesale and Import Trade Enterprise (MEWIT) to a foreign firm, a move aimed at advancing attempts to stabilize the market.In the last couple of months, the government has been contemplating to invite multinational companies such as Wall-Mart that specialise in wholesale distribution. A team of experts have also visited India to learn more on how India has attracted such companies to enter its market. Currently the government is devising several methods to contain the soaring cost of living, which the International Monetary Fund says, is the main threat that could slow down the country’s economic growth.

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