Fiscal Year 2008 Conduction and Budget Plan announcement for 2009

The Industrial Development Organization resources executives and leaders of the governing shades of the 2008 fiscal year plan for the current budget year 2009, a review was held. In 2008 fiscal year, the government agency which is to strengthen the growth of the industrial sector could be of great importance to implement the plan based on the supply of industrial inputs and carries out special emphasis on basic goods and industrial activities, as well as the results of the public discussion is operated by affordable prices and to avoid problems ahead of the input supply.

In particular, the focus was on the fiscal year supply of industrial inputs and leather industries lech’erik’ech’erik’ine agency published a report that refers to different forms and input from foreign countries.In the fiscal year 9389.1 metric tons Matrix local and foreign manufacturers have been trying to fill the shortage of textile industries and resource needs by providing 264 million to buy silver.

Besides, the report has been discussed and leather industries sector to fill the gaps in the provision of works by the skin of silver, 13.7 million more than the cost of input supply.Near the aviation industry, agro-industry sector perošešinigi purchasing food industry sector foreign country in connection with the famine and drought victims ke’ēlino tribes Nutrition processing used to purchase 54.6 tons kēmēkelochini countries.  

 Already, a total of 5.5 billion in the fiscal year of silver industrial inputs and industrial purchase and sale of silver and 6.3 billion has been raised during the discussion took place.

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